“The phrase “tangled hair”, which gives title to this book, is a metonymy, a shift. It is not of hair that these pages are about, but sex. They do not hide, not conceal or suggest: they say it, spell it like it is. But talking about sex is also a metonymy. It is as if the author had run out of words to say love, loneliness, disappointment, desire, life and death, and so had chosen this way to convey, in detail, the gestures of pleasure. Sometimes with the simplicity of a haiku, other times with the poetic complexity of the game of voices – but always with narrative fluency and rhythm. Since for Andrea Marra, writing and sex are made of the same stuff.” Evangelina Caro Betelú.

Andrea Marra was born in Buenos Aires in 1971. She has a degree in Screenwriting, and writes for films and tv shows. In 2013 she published her first book “Soltera Serial” (Ed. Del Nuevo Extremo) based on her funny-biting autobiographical blog. The English version was published as “Eternally Single” on Amazon. In 2015 she published a new book “Cabellos enmarañados – Tangled hair”, a compilation of her erotic poems in which she returns to the topics of her first book – intimacy, love, loneliness, desire – but does it in a more direct, raw way. She is also tango dancer and a passionate photographer.